Who does BCCA serve?
Boone County Council on Aging serves low income seniors who are 55 years or older and live in Boone County. BCCA is the community-based senior agency that specializes in matching needs with resources.

Is BCCA a county government agency?
No. BCCA is a private, nonprofit organization that is funded by the United Way, the City of Columbia, Boone County, and the generosity of community donors.

What other agencies provide care management to seniors?
The Division of Family Services (DFS) at (573) 882-9180 is state funded and provides Medicaid, food stamps, blind pension, and qualified Medicare beneficiary.

The Division of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) at (573) 882-9474 is state funded and provides supervision and oversight of Medicaid in home services, conservatorship and guardianship. DHSS also investigates neglect and abuse claims. The hotline number to report abuse is 1(800) 392-0210.

Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging (CMAAA) at (573) 443-5823 is federally funded and provides transportation services, respite funds, and legal assistance. CMAAA also runs meal programs.

Can I get a property tax credit refund?
To qualify for the Missouri property tax credit you must be 65 or older (or 100% disabled); have an income of $27,500 or less for an individual or $30,000 for a married couple; and have been a Missouri resident for the calendar year. Renters and those who live in residential care facilities or nursing homes may also apply for the property tax credit (also known as the “circuit breaker") even if you paid no property taxes or income taxes. BCCA staff members are able to assist homebound seniors fill out their property tax forms.

What is Carrier Alert?
If living alone worries you, the Carrier Alert program can offer you the comfort of knowing that someone who visits your home regularly can call for help if you need it. The United States Postal Service (National Association of Letter Carriers) has developed this free service especially for older adults and the homebound. To register for this program, please contact BCCA at (573) 443-1111. If your letter carrier finds an accumulation of mail, he or she will notify BCCA and we will try to contact you or the contact you have designated. If the friend or relative cannot be reached, we will send a staff member to your home to check on your well-being.

How can I contact the local Social Security Administration office?
The local Social Security Administration office is located at 803 Gray Oak Drive, Columbia, MO 65201. The phone number is 1(800) 772-1213. The website is www.socialsecurity.gov

My home needs repairs, but I can’t afford to pay. Who can help?
Low-income seniors may be eligible for home repair grants through Community Development Block Grant Funding at BCCA. Grants may be used for health and safety hazards such as roof repair, heating, electrical and plumbing systems, etc. For information, please call (573) 443-1111.

The City of Columbia Planning Department at (573) 874-7239 offers emergency and rehab home repair for City of Columbia low income homeowners.

How can I help?
BCCA provides services to seniors in a cost-effective manner through the generosity of an army of volunteers. If you have time to serve, we welcome your involvement in our SeniorConnect or RSVP program. If you don't have time to give, but would like to serve seniors in the community, consider making a donation to BCCA. BCCA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, so your contributions are tax deductible. Visit the links to "Volunteer" or "Donate." You can help!

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